Can I smell the baby?

I understand the title of this post is strange, but let me explain. Tomorrow I’m going with my sister-in-law to an ultra sound appointment at a place called O’Baby. I know what 3D ultra sounds are. I know what they are because I have seen enough 3D movies in my life. (Like literally enough, I don’t want to see anymore. The whole motion sickness thing. Movie theater popcorn tastes much better going down than it does coming up. I digress.) Anyhow, so this appointment is very special because apparently we are going to witness a 4D ultrasound. I’m trying to be excited, but to be honest I’m more nervous than anything.

My husband and I went to 4D movie once and it was cool. They had air blow at you, smells shoot out like air freshener, and your seat shook and moved. I totally understand why people would want to do this. I would be one of those people if it weren’t for the whole getting nauseous thing. So, when I think of a 4D ultra sound things get weird. For example, this very real conversation between me and my boss today:

Boss: (Sees that I requested to leave a couple hours early tomm) Ya’ll doing anything fun this weekend?

Me: Brooke is getting a 4D ultrasound in Murfreesboro at 3:30. We’re gonna go up and then all go eat down there for my brother’s birthday. No idea what a 4D ultra sound is. Maybe I can smell the baby??

Boss: You know you are asking the wrong person. Hell, you might be able to hold her. I don’t know.

You might think this logic is crazy, but I assure you if you had told my great grandmother what a 4D ultra sound was she would have looked at you like you had two heads. Don’t worry though. I’ll totally update you guys once I have the facts.


UPDATE: So I got to see my niece moving around and blinking, but they don’t actually allow you to smell or touch the baby. Something about ‘against policy’. The 4D might be false advertisement, but it was still an amazing experience for my family. I can’t wait to meet this sweet girl.


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