Getting my handgun carry permit

I for one believe in protecting yourself in the world today. You truly never know what could happen, and it just seems like people keep getting crazier and losing their minds. Even the grocery store is no longer truly safe. So I decided to get my carry permit, and what an interesting experience it was.

My dad has been telling me for years that if I would get my carry permit he would buy me a pistol. Who doesn’t want a free gun? (For the record, if a stranger comes into my house I’m not going to try the whole ‘slowly sneak around the corner approach’. I am going to blow out walls and floors until whoever is in my house is no longer moving. Sounds like a good plan to me. I can pay someone to sheet rock later. I will also feel better about traveling for work knowing that I have protection if needed, but we all hope and pray we never actually have to use it.)

Regardless of my planned approach, in the handgun safety course they do teach you some good skills to know. I was in a classroom filled with mostly older men in their 60s, and their questions and comments were hilarious. ***Keep in mind that the District Attorney for this area was teaching this part of the course*** One older gentleman spoke up with, “If I shoot someone in my home do I have to call the police?” I mean come on people. I think he might not be wanting to carry for safety anyway. It sounds like he’s going to hide a body. I’m sure the DA went ahead and made a mental note of that guy’s name. I am glad he wasn’t at my table.

The district attorney also proceeded to tell a story of a mom who took the class on a Monday night then proceeded to walk into her daughter’s elementary school openly carrying a pistol on her hip the next morning and was arrested. You can not carry in a school. It was as if all common sense went out the window at this point and people were asking ‘why not?’ I then thought to myself please stop asking stupid questions or we are going to be here all day.

I definitely recommend getting your permit to carry. It is a right we have as citizens, and people fought for that right. That being said, they pretty much give you the answers for the test since you review everything in the class, but I feel strongly that maybe we should implement an IQ test as well. Just a thought.



Top Book Recommendations

People ask me for book recommendations quite a bit. I usually find the books I read by watching youtube videos of things like ‘top 10 fantasy books’ or ‘best books of 2016’. The youtubers usually give you a brief description of what its about so you can tell if you might be interested. I will either order the books from Amazon or Book Outlet or I will download them for free from my local library. I want to go ahead and share my top books in each of these categories so maybe you guys can get some new recommendations and see if you like any of them. If you read any of the books listed please comment and let me know what you think!


You and Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

Valley of Chaya by Tracey Hoffmann

The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson


Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway


An Ember in the Ashes and A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

Heartless by Marissa Meyer

For Fall:

Dark Witch Series by Nora Roberts

All the Feels:

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

A Paperbag Christmas by Kevin Alan Milne

Moral Motivated:

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

For Christmas:

Let it Snow by John Green, etc.

My True Love Gave to Me/ Twelve Holiday Stories by various authors


Lets Pretend this Never Happened and Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson

For Singles:

Single Woman by Mandy Hale

My Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock

Topics of Mental Disorders:

Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

Under Rose Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall


Adulting is Overrated

I remember being younger and thinking, wow, those thirty year olds are really grown up. Then I hit my late twenties and I keep thinking, am I an adult now? I mean I pay bills, keep a dog alive, and have a spouse, and that sounds pretty adult to me. However, I feel like you should have to pass some sort of test to be a full fledged adult, and I for one refuse to take that test. Being a kid was much more fun.

Example A: My husband and I helped watch my friend’s one a half year old (no, I don’t age children by months. I think it’s crazy. When I ask someone how old their kid is and they tell me 57 months I’m like, “what the heck?!” now I have to do math in my head to even figure that out. And also, I’m not sure when people stop counting by months and switch to years. My example may be a little off, but you know what I’m talking about. People would be pissed if I started telling them I was 340 months old. (Yes, I had to do the math to see how old I am in months which only further proves my point that we need to stop doing that.)) Back to the story, I watched her child play in a plastic tub for 20 minutes and it made me think…. When is the last time anything that simple kept my attention that long?

As children we were so easily pleased and enjoyed the little moments in life, but then we grow up and start taking things for granted, worrying more about our careers than our families, and we lose sight of what’s really important. When you start worrying about the future of the company you work for, when this or that bill is due, about insurance policies, vehicle warranties, home repairs, daycares, the health of your relationships, and everything else adulting entails it can be utterly exhausting. That is when you need an adult cheat day.

  1. I recommend going down the toy isle at the store. This may sound stupid to you or make you feel really old when you see some of the things kids play with, but I assure you that you will find something to remind you of your childhood and give you the distraction you need even if its a bouncy ball.
  2. Refuse to adult and pretend you’re on summer break for a day. Yep, stay in your pajamas watching daytime tv and eat pop tarts. Sometimes it’s exactly what your body needs.
  3. Invest in a kiddie pool, coloring book, mini trampoline, or anything else you can find that could keep you distracted for a while.
  4. Find an actual kid to play with. It doesn’t matter what kid. A cousin, niece, friend’s child, kid from church. Any kid will do. (Don’t kidnap one though. I hear that’s illegal even if you have good intentions) It will wear you out if you aren’t used to being around a child, but it will also help remind you of the way children see things with innocence and joy.

Seriously, I know some of you are thinking ‘oh that’s so childish and stupid. You know what, I agree that it’s childish, but what’s stupid is stressing out over things as an adult that you can’t control and letting it effect you and those around you. TAKE A BREAK.

Well that’s my advice when being an adult gets too stressful. You don’t have to take it, but I assure you it will make you smile. If you need me or have any questions feel free to comment below. I’ll try to respond when I get out of my kiddie pool….. I just got a pair of goggles though so it may be a while.