Getting my handgun carry permit

I for one believe in protecting yourself in the world today. You truly never know what could happen, and it just seems like people keep getting crazier and losing their minds. Even the grocery store is no longer truly safe. So I decided to get my carry permit, and what an interesting experience it was.

My dad has been telling me for years that if I would get my carry permit he would buy me a pistol. Who doesn’t want a free gun? (For the record, if a stranger comes into my house I’m not going to try the whole ‘slowly sneak around the corner approach’. I am going to blow out walls and floors until whoever is in my house is no longer moving. Sounds like a good plan to me. I can pay someone to sheet rock later. I will also feel better about traveling for work knowing that I have protection if needed, but we all hope and pray we never actually have to use it.)

Regardless of my planned approach, in the handgun safety course they do teach you some good skills to know. I was in a classroom filled with mostly older men in their 60s, and their questions and comments were hilarious. ***Keep in mind that the District Attorney for this area was teaching this part of the course*** One older gentleman spoke up with, “If I shoot someone in my home do I have to call the police?” I mean come on people. I think he might not be wanting to carry for safety anyway. It sounds like he’s going to hide a body. I’m sure the DA went ahead and made a mental note of that guy’s name. I am glad he wasn’t at my table.

The district attorney also proceeded to tell a story of a mom who took the class on a Monday night then proceeded to walk into her daughter’s elementary school openly carrying a pistol on her hip the next morning and was arrested. You can not carry in a school. It was as if all common sense went out the window at this point and people were asking ‘why not?’ I then thought to myself please stop asking stupid questions or we are going to be here all day.

I definitely recommend getting your permit to carry. It is a right we have as citizens, and people fought for that right. That being said, they pretty much give you the answers for the test since you review everything in the class, but I feel strongly that maybe we should implement an IQ test as well. Just a thought.


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