The Perks of being an Aunt

This post is about the little boy who first made me an aunt. His sister should be here any day now, but while he is still an only child I figured I’d share some hilarious stories about my nephew, Collin, mixed with some perks of being an aunt.

Ok, so I’m pretty partial to my nephew. I think he is the most adorable human being on the entire planet, and although I might be a little bias…. it’s true. He’s got the thickest eyebrows and eye lashes and the darkest brown eyes. He’s got the sweetest personality and the biggest heart. Ugh, I could go on about him all day, but that’s not the point of this blog.


  • So yesterday morning at Huddle House the conversation went something like this (while my brother is handing a kids cup with a plastic lid and straw across the table and Collin is trying to grab it), “Collin be careful and don’t spill th…….”….”Daddy I spilled it.”
  • Then lunch went something like this (again my brother talking to Collin) “don’t wipe your hands on your shorts buddy.” No more than a minute after saying this Collin drops an entire spoon full of spaghetti into his lap. (brother sighs) “Might as well just wipe your hands on your shorts.”


One of the best parts of being an aunt is that you can sit back and laugh at your sibling experiencing raising a tiny human. Trust me, it is amusing. My brother and sister in law are AMAZING parents, and by that I mean that they not only raise him well, but they also film and take pictures of hilarious things such as the photo below to share……

IMG_0489(When Collin was really small, anytime someone would scare him he would lock up like a fainting goat. Poor kid. Not sure which family member he inherited that from.)

He also has this habit of wanting to see everyone’s belly. He likes for you to lay down, lift your shirt up to show your belly, and then he will lift his shirt to show his belly and lay on top of you. I’m sure there is something to this that comforts him. The whole skin on skin thing with kids is important I hear, but when he asks to see your belly in public (or right after you’ve eaten Mexican food and don’t want to be laid on it’s different.) My dad tells one of the funny experiences like this…. (Collin and my dad eating pears together when Collin pokes him in the belly) “Pa Tom, ‘et me see you belly.” To which Pa Tom responds very dryly, “Sit down and eat your pear kid.”

Being an aunt is the best experience because you don’t have to clean near as much poop, and you still get to spend a ton of time watching them grow up and getting to spoil them. Plus it brings a lot of laughs. There was the time when he jumped in the pool (that was FREEZING, mind you) and said ‘it’s so refweshing and warm’ so someone else would get in, the time that my brother had Collin on his shoulders walking through the woods and my dad (walking behind them) saw Collin pick a booger and rub it in my brother’s hair, and the time my sister in law told me he put two balls up his shirt and called them ‘goobies’. This kid keeps us in stitches.


As I get ready to become an Aunt x2 I just want to give a big shout out to this boy who started it all. Here’s to many more years of laughs kid.


Aunt Kayla

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  1. Brooke Johnson says:

    Aw this is sweet!! He loves his Aunt Kayla very much!! We are so thankful for you and for being an AWESOME Aunt to him!! We ❤️you bunches!


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