We ARE those people

You ever see those people that seem like they literally don’t even care if they act crazy with the whole town watching? Yep, that’s my family. There are so many hilarious personalities that when you confine us to a small corner you have to know what’s coming. So the party began last week at the hospital when my sister in law went into labor and we were all in a corner of the hospital waiting room together.

My grandmother and I usually start the party by pretending she is crazy. I usually shout something like ‘Don’t make me come over there and get you!’ to which she responds (while stoming her her foot) ‘I’m not going. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not!’ in front of crowds of people which makes them feel awkward and makes us laugh like crazy.

Then you hear my grandpa complaining about the price of a candy bar in the machine and my nephew asking to see everyone’s belly. My dad and Brooke’s dad usually end up with Collin at some point keeping him occupied while the rest of us people watch. The absolute best place to people watch is the hospital. The ER waiting room is much more entertaining than the labor and delivery waiting room for sure, but both will keep you occupied.

Last time we were in the ER waiting room (my nephew hurt his finger) we witnessed a man barefoot with his legs chained together walk out the front door. At some point I think we said to each other something along the lines of ‘should we tell somebody?’, but we decided the guy probably needed a head start anyway and just let him go.

My grandma likes the sixty cent coffee from the machine, my mom is telling some story that makes us all *face palm* and Brooke’s mom is usually running back and forth keeping everyone updated.

For my nephew’s birth and now my nieces we have gotten pizza, 2 liters, plates, and cups, and pretty much had a pizza party right there by the entrance. Hey, it’s not really a celebration without pizza right? I guess what I’m trying to say is that my family is unapologetically hilarious, wonderful, loving, and always there for each other. I can’t imagine it any other way. Also, welcome to the world baby Hallie. You have many years of laughs ahead with this crew.




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