Beef. Its what was for dinner.

So from 7/24/17 to 8/24/17 I am giving up red meat. HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL, WHY? Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m thinking too. Before someone breaks into an argument about vegan/vegetarianism let me stop you by saying I am still going to eat meat. Period. I grew up in a family of carnivores. I’ll explain the intensity by this story:

My family comes to the restaurant I serve at during college. Every single person either orders a rack of ribs or a steak. No chicken salad here. The head chef looks at me and says, “Kayla, we don’t even thaw out that many racks of ribs each night.” To which I proceeded to tell him that you have to give the people what they want, and the people want ribs and steak with loaded baked potatoes and side salads.

It’s a tradition really. My family plans cook outs and dinners around burgers, steaks, beef hot dogs, and ribs, and the first question always asked is, ‘What’s for dinner?’ I for one love nothing more than a perfectly grilled juicy steak, but my body is telling me otherwise. So, here is the reason for this decision: I stay consistently tired throughout the day. I know that part of that is because I don’t sleep well at night, but I am sure that a major factor is my diet.

(Side note: I’ve been taking melatonin and magnesium about an hour before bed at night, and have been sleeping much better, but unfortunately when I wake up I have trouble remembering what we did last night because I have slept so hard. I’m so afraid my husband is going to shave my eyebrows or move me into the garage or something while I’m asleep. He could totally convince me I did something crazy. Is taking too many vitamins the adult version of drinking too much?? Anyway…)

So I am going to play around with different choices for the things I eat and see if I can renew my metabolism and gain more energy. So for the next month I will be eating no red meat and incorporating more vegetables and less spaghetti-o’s into my diet. Hopefully I will be able to share some new recipes with you guys if I find something surprisingly delicious, and hopefully I can gain some energy from this new way of eating. Also, If I have a mental breakdown and just need a burger I’ll be sure to share that experience with you as well. Stay tuned for updates from this experiment on myself.



Can I smell the baby?

I understand the title of this post is strange, but let me explain. Tomorrow I’m going with my sister-in-law to an ultra sound appointment at a place called O’Baby. I know what 3D ultra sounds are. I know what they are because I have seen enough 3D movies in my life. (Like literally enough, I don’t want to see anymore. The whole motion sickness thing. Movie theater popcorn tastes much better going down than it does coming up. I digress.) Anyhow, so this appointment is very special because apparently we are going to witness a 4D ultrasound. I’m trying to be excited, but to be honest I’m more nervous than anything.

My husband and I went to 4D movie once and it was cool. They had air blow at you, smells shoot out like air freshener, and your seat shook and moved. I totally understand why people would want to do this. I would be one of those people if it weren’t for the whole getting nauseous thing. So, when I think of a 4D ultra sound things get weird. For example, this very real conversation between me and my boss today:

Boss: (Sees that I requested to leave a couple hours early tomm) Ya’ll doing anything fun this weekend?

Me: Brooke is getting a 4D ultrasound in Murfreesboro at 3:30. We’re gonna go up and then all go eat down there for my brother’s birthday. No idea what a 4D ultra sound is. Maybe I can smell the baby??

Boss: You know you are asking the wrong person. Hell, you might be able to hold her. I don’t know.

You might think this logic is crazy, but I assure you if you had told my great grandmother what a 4D ultra sound was she would have looked at you like you had two heads. Don’t worry though. I’ll totally update you guys once I have the facts.


UPDATE: So I got to see my niece moving around and blinking, but they don’t actually allow you to smell or touch the baby. Something about ‘against policy’. The 4D might be false advertisement, but it was still an amazing experience for my family. I can’t wait to meet this sweet girl.



Officially Official

So I’ve been blogging for a while now through a couple different outlets and have finally decided to take this show on the road. Yes, I am now the proud owner of a new dot com website.

My motivation to do this actually came from an audio book I listened to on a work trip earlier this week. Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson. If you haven’t heard of Jenny yet, she is the author of two hilariously entertaining memoirs and one incredible blog. Jenny suffers from anxiety and many other mental and sleep disorders and is shedding light and helping people across the world learn to laugh at life and love who they are. My thought process, ‘If Jenny can do it so can I.’

So here we are now. Like Jenny I also suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and don’t get a whole lot of sleep. I sleep a lot, trust me, my husband will back me up when I say that, but I don’t actually get sleep. Over the last few months especially I have tossed and turned all night long, and unfortunately there is only so much concealer can do for dark circles. *heavy sigh* So while I try to do my best at life, I look around and see everyone developing and growing in different ways, and I thought I’d share my journey to adulthood (if there is such a thing) with you as well.

This blog is going to be filled with book recommendations, humorous life events, growing pains, home décor, writing, whatever I’m loving at the moment, and lots and lots of coffee talks. I hope you join me on this journey.