Beef. Its what was for dinner.

So from 7/24/17 to 8/24/17 I am giving up red meat. HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL, WHY? Yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking too. Before someone breaks into an argument about vegan/vegetarianism let me stop you by saying I am still going to eat meat. Period. I grew up in a family of carnivores. I'll … Continue reading Beef. Its what was for dinner.

Can I smell the baby?

I understand the title of this post is strange, but let me explain. Tomorrow I'm going with my sister-in-law to an ultra sound appointment at a place called O'Baby. I know what 3D ultra sounds are. I know what they are because I have seen enough 3D movies in my life. (Like literally enough, I … Continue reading Can I smell the baby?